ECU Remapping (Flash Tune)

Optimises your engine control unit’s outputs. Most manufacturers set their ECU’s conservatively. Remapping or ‘flash tuning’ your ECU fine tunes the software that controls engine performance.

Efficiency is greatly improved – and because it’s the same process the manufacturer uses – it’s safe for your engine.

Tailored to your driving style

More power

More torque

Better fuel economy

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When Should I Consider Flash Tuning?
When aftermarket changes are made to your vehicle, such as the addition of a turbocharger or intercooler, conversion to an alternative fuel, or changing of the exhaust system. If your vehicle is exhibiting noticeable acceleration lag or flat spot. ECU remapping virtually eliminates this. Or – when you regularly tow with your vehicle, want to reduce fuel consumption and boost power. 

Ultimate Offroad Centre are Licensed “Flash Diesel” Dealers.

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Taking into account local conditions, loads, and performance requirements, flash tuning upgrades the ECU’s software to ensure that optimal torque is available at all times.

Further, any function managed by the ECU can be modified, so a fully-customised tune can be developed for your vehicle, conditions, and preferences. 

What Makes Flash Diesel Different?
You may have noticed other companies offering flash tuning.

Here’s why you should choose Flash Diesel

Unique Technology – Flash Diesel agents are licensed holders of this technology and as such can guarantee outcomes.

Genuine ECU remapping, tailored to your requirements. Our tuning files are developed and written locally. A number of companies simply buy tuning files and reuse them, be wary of anyone offering “overnight programming”

High Level of Technical Service – Our dealers are unique in that they offer both on-site and in-store tuning, with only one visit required

Peace of Mind – All Flash Diesel ECU re-calibrations come with a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Is Flash Diesel just for 4×4’s?
No, we can calibrate a wide range of vehicles including passenger vehicles, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, trucks, transporters, and agricultural machinery. If you don’t see your vehicle listed on this site, please give us a call or contact us using the form below.

Each and every vehicle calibration that Flash Diesel uses is written by highly experienced calibrators based in Australia. Many others claim to tune,but in fact they purchase “files” from overseas (which may not be suitable for our fuels and climatic conditions). If you’re looking at getting your vehicle tuned simply ask the question “can I speak to the tech that will tune my car”?  at Ultimate Offroad Centre the answer is always yes.