Lithium Battery Systems 

Imagine being able to run your airconditioning, TV, coffee machine and other accessories with no access to mains supply.

Our Lithium Battery set up enables to use more accessories than ever when you go off road on your next adventure.

This next generation equipment allows to be off the grid for longer and use more appliances at once in remote locations.

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Please call or email us for design information – these units are tailored to your vehicle and intended use, therefore an individual design and quote is necessary

More About Lithium Batteries

100% Efficiency with Solar Panels. AGM batteries are 75%. You get more performance from your existing solar panels with Lithium batteries.

Deep Capacity: Run them down to 20% and sleep peacefully. Lithium loves deep cycling. Your kids will inherit the batteries before you reach the design cycle count. DONT WORRY ABOUT CYCLES. You can therefore purchase a 125Ah Lithium which will have a similar usefull capacity as 200Ahrs of AGM.

Maintenance Free: AGM batteries require your attention to make sure they are fully charged periodically to prevent sulphation. You have to be on your toes at times. This is stressfull. Not so with Lithium. Set and forget. The on-board computer does the rest.

Lightweight: Shed kilograms upon kilograms of dead weight. Lighter weight reduces maintenance costs and breakdowns overall.

Special Requirements & Uses

Storage mode is so important for Lithium Batteries. Storing them at 100% for a prolonged period will reduce capacity. Do NOT use storage mode in Redarc Manager systems if storing for more than a month. Every leading Lithium battery manufacturer can parallel connect their batteries safely and assuredly. Consider multiple batteries for larger capacity. It spreads the risk and increases max discharge current considerably.

You Can run an Air conditioner from the Lithium batteries If using a high capacity Lithium bank for running air-conditioners for long periods (we do up to 12 hours comfortably), it is important to have a smart Lithium Battery with CANbus control. These batteries have the battery monitor built-into the battery. The battery then gives all the information for the system to maximize capacity and reduce the risk of over-draining. Its so simple and has only 3 components. No Relays, No VSR, No spaghetti cabling.

You Can Install in the Engine Bay Customers do this with these precautions. Always protect the side with an anti-heat transfer layer. The cycle count will reduce, but you will have moved your car on by then.

Install outside the Vehicle – under a tray, Or in between the tray and the cab If you run up to 1m through creek crossings then keep it above that level OR have it installed in a waterproof box. It doesn’t need to breathe.