250W Portable Solar with Victron 20A Smart Solar Controller


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High Performance 250W Portable Solar Panel
-- 250W at 25 deg c
-- Japanese ETFE top layer
-- High Panel Voltage at 62V Voc
-- 8kg
-- 10m Heavy Duty Extension Cable
-- 10m Security Wire fixed to inside of panel
-- 28mm thin x 510mm x 680mm Folded
-- Victron Smart Solar 20A with Victron Bluetooth Mesh
-- Victron Smartphone App

High efficiency Portable Solar operates at a high Panel Voltage (PV):
-- Early Start, Late Finish. Capture the sun about an hour earlier when the panel is cool for extra solar performance that is not possible with DC-DC/Solar Controller systems.
-- As the sun’s intensity reduces with cloud cover there is sufficient voltage to charge the batteries.
-- Less losses with connecting cables as current is 50% less. So you can use 10-20m.

Self Supporting Struts on each Panel Segment:
-- Struts hinge from panel to ground
-- Straps connect bottom of struts to rear of panel at ground level
-- Easy to add pegs for added stability in high wind.

250W Portable Solar High PV with Victron MPPT Smart Solar 10m Cable Security Wire

Together with a Victron Smart Solar Controller, Safiery 250W panel will produce 20-30% more energy than others of the same size.

Victron 20A Smart Solar MPPT Controller:
-- 98% Efficient
-- Bluetooth conected to Smartphone
-- Ultra-fast MPPT
-- Configured with “Expert” Mode that triggers a return to Fast Charging on a slight drop in battery voltage
-- Fused Output
-- Cable from Controller to battery is option as there are many variations possible

What is included in this package:
-- 250W Portable Solar Panel
-- 10m Stainless Steel security wire
-- 10m Extension cable
-- 20A Victron Smart Solar Controller
-- Blue Ando to Victron Smart Solar from Portable Panel
-- Clear Bag to store solar controller and cable that vecros onto front side of Portable panel.
-- 2 year Warranty on Panel, 5 Year Warranty of Solar Controller

Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 70 × 18 × 52 cm